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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.
  1. Three out of five Americans concerned hackers could spy on them via their webcam

    In October, we conducted an online survey around webcam security awareness and found that 61% of Americans are concerned hackers could spy on them through their computer’s camera.

  2. The dark side of IoT devices

    Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be anything from coffee machines to fitness watches to thermostats, all of which are designed to make our lives more convenient, but what happens when they turn bad? Hard to imagine, but these innocent devices, which we are welcoming into our lives, can be unwillingly infected or hacked and thus join the dark side.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare your CPU—web browser mining is coming

    You may have noticed that certain websites put significant load on your CPU and slow it down. Aside from the possibility that you may not have the best hardware, the slowdown could be due to a JavaScript miner embedded in the website. Instead of getting bombarded with annoying ads, you may now be getting an ad-free experience while unknowingly lending your computing resources to help mine cryptocurrency—in this case Monero, a privacy-focused alternative to the ever-popular Bitcoin.

  4. Mr. Robot review: eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

    The long wait is finally over! Season three, episode one of Mr. Robot aired on Wednesday, October 11th on USA Network and it did not disappoint.

  5. Avast Business introduces Managed Workplace 11 at IP EXPO 2017

    October is cybersecurity month, which made last week’s IP Expo in Europe perfectly timed!! Avast was there to introduce its latest remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, Managed Workplace 11. With a native Avast Business endpoint protection engine integrated into the platform, as well as an all-new security assessment component, this next-gen, cybersecurity RMM platform is primed to be the solution of choice for managed services providers (MSPs). We’re proud to share it with the business world and launch it at one of the most important IT events of the year. Avast’s security ambassador and world-class chess champion, Garry Kasparov, presented a keynote speech on AI. Legendary for his chess games against supercomputer Deep Blue in the mid-90’s, Garry impressed upon the gathered IT experts that AI is nothing to be feared. In fact, Garry insisted that for the most effective cybersecurity, man and machine need to work together.

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